Chase your dreams…

A friend recently told me that her mother in law had fulfilled a long held dream on their recent trip to Goa. Could I guess what it was? Surely she was too old for adventure sports! Could she have attempted parasailing or water skiing? As my mind churned with possibilities, Sonali cleared the mystery. Her … Continue reading Chase your dreams…

So what do you do all day?

The alarm goes off at six a.m. I get out of bed, wash my hands, and head towards the children’s bedroom. The girls are awake. I brush my younger daughter’s teeth and leave them to get ready as I help the cook with the tiffins and breakfast; omelettes today. She brings them out while I … Continue reading So what do you do all day?

Body Shaming and the F Word

It was a dream wedding. The air was thick with excitement, but not everyone was having a good time. The bride’s sister, upon being repeatedly ticked off by her mother for gaining weight, ran away just before the bride and groom exchanged garlands, triggering a crisis within the wedding party. She was found later that … Continue reading Body Shaming and the F Word

Gender Conditioning in India

There was an advertisement I came across a while ago, which still rankles. It started by showing a woman serving her family dinner. To clarify: around six family members were seated, eating, while this lady, along with the help, served them. While serving, she was being taunted and criticised by her husband, mother-in-law and others, possibly brother … Continue reading Gender Conditioning in India