True Lies, Bollywood and #MeToo

One year ago, on the night of October 16, 2017, Alyssa Milano sent out a tweet with a simple message: If you’ve ever been sexually assaulted, reply to this message with the words MeToo. She woke up the next morning to fifty-five thousand replies. #MeToo took on a life of its own, yet it had … Continue reading True Lies, Bollywood and #MeToo

A Bagful of Tips

A good leather handbag can be your trusted ally for a long time. So much so that it can be passed down for generations. You might have to spend a little more initially, but that is an investment, for you won’t have to replace the bag for a long time. In the process, you'll do … Continue reading A Bagful of Tips

Body Shaming and the F Word

It was a dream wedding. The air was thick with excitement, but not everyone was having a good time. The bride’s sister, upon being repeatedly ticked off by her mother for gaining weight, ran away just before the bride and groom exchanged garlands, triggering a crisis within the wedding party. She was found later that … Continue reading Body Shaming and the F Word

In Defence of the Designer Handbag

“How much?” My husband’s eyes flew open in disbelief when I gifted myself a designer handbag on my 35th birthday. “It’s not worth it! Is that canvas? It's not even leather!...” But when he saw me don this most powerful of accessories, his heart did a back-flip, and out of his lips slipped one syllable. “Wow!” … Continue reading In Defence of the Designer Handbag